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  • SWS GmbH Our Services - SMZ Winder machine before been revised by Swiss Winding Service GmbH team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services- SMZ Winder machine after been revised by Swiss Winding Service GmbH team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services- SMZ Winder machine before be revised by SWS team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services - SMZ Winder machine after be revised by SWS team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services- ATS Winder machine before be revised by SWS team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services- ATS Winder machine after be revised by SWS team
  • SWS GmbH Our Services
  • SWS GmbH Our Services

Increase your productivity and stop machine downtime

Swiss Winding Service GmbH is your alternative for winding services, maintenance, and repairs. In addition, we can plan for your company, preventive maintenance, and preventive repairs. We are a small team, which makes SWS GmbH flexible and fast to take action in due time. Beyond everything, our notable experience with winding machines is a remarkable achievement. Overall, years of experience lead us to be experts with programming, maintenance services, and repairs. Finally, the knowledge acquired, assist us to identify and efficiently solve any problem.

Notably, we are pleased to advise and support you with any product development, as well, with production process improvement. For the purpose of, a personalized winding program for your new product can be set up and tested on your site.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to Subscribe our form. Only a few seconds are needed and we will contact you quickly.

We are here to offer you a solution

Contact us. Moreover, would you like to apply a condition-based maintenance strategy to reduce the total costs of your business? On many occasions, manufacturers can react slowly or can offer expensive winding services. It’s your goal to carry out short-term and rapid on-site interventions to solve technical problems? Fill in our form, we will contact you as soon as possible to fix an appointment.

Why maintenance is so important?

SWS GmbH Our Services, maintenance services, repairs, prototyping, and more.

In this paragraph, we are going to explore some reasons why maintenance is so important for your production. According to statistics, 14 billion euros are lost annually only in Germany due to inappropriate maintenance services. However, constant and condition-based maintenance and repairs can save up to 23% of the costs.

Did I raise your curiosity? Would you like to know more about? Above all, how can you save up costs with your company?

Who we are SWS GmbH
SWS GmbH Our Services
SWS GmbH Our Services
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SWS GmbH Our Services - Maintenance services winding machines
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SWS GmbH Our Services

SWS GmbH Our Services

Express on-site intervention

We provide fast service intervention within 24 hours for winding machines. We know how important it is to take action quickly when the production stops. Our coil winding specialists respond quickly and provide solutions.

Telephone technical support

We provide telephone technical support to our customers. Do you have an unplanned downtime of your machine? Call us. We will give you the appropriate support.

On-site mechanical maintenance service

There are situations when critical failures can occur. These will generate production interruptions for your winder.
Technical malfunctions can be reduced by anticipatory actions and fast response times.
Our coil winding specialists respond quickly and provide mechanical solutions. We will solve your winder problems and restart your production process.

Program development

  • Update of existing programs.
  • Development of the winding quality.
  • Cycle time optimisation.
  • Machine-friendly programming.

Training for your team

  • The basics of winding technology.
  • How to read and understand a winding program.
  • A set of step-by-step instructions on how to correct an existing winding program and to set-up a new one.
  • The basic principles of how to check the production quality and detect the nonconformities.
  • Important parameters of the winding process.
  • Training for maintenance staff and repairs.
  • How to do a faults diagnosis.

Service missions in the whole of Europe

Above all, we are offering our maintenance services worldwide. Particularly, the travel distance is not an obstacle for us, even you are in Europe. In order to receive our winding services or support for maintenance repairs, please contact us. Simply fill in our contact form.

Winding pattern. Do you have quality issues? We will solve it!

Patterns and prototypes can also be wound directly on site.
On request, consequently of our services, we can wind for you: small series, samples and prototypes.

In addition, unfixed maintenance issues, as can be seen in the first picture displayed, generate amounts of scraps and high-costs through needle brakes. Therefore, once solved, the scraps will belong to the past and also the acquisition of expensive needles will decrease rapidly.

We are pleased to meet you for a personal conversation. Take one minute to send us your data for a free of charge meeting.

Relocation and transfer

Is it your intention to relocate your facilities? Would you like to move to a new building? Through our services, we provide support with the relocation of machinery and equipment.

Moreover, the facilities will be professionally dismounted and packaged for transportation. At the destination, it will be reassembled and ready to start the production.

Revise of machines and annual maintenance

We will revise your winding machine or your facility on-site. This allows us to track the machine during production and to test it directly. The annual maintenance leads to a huge advantage. It allows us to identify critical failures or worn parts. If necessary, we can replace it during small interventions with short production interruptions. This strategy has been already successfully applied with our customers.



Other services

We can integrate additional functions into your winding machine such as checking, monitoring, connecting, and more.

Implementation of the Working Conditions Directive 89/655 / EEC (DE)

According to the Operational Safety Regulation (BetrSichV), employers are obliged to carry out maintenance measures on machinery and equipment.

Moreover, accordingly to Wikipedia, “The German implementation of the Workplace Equipment Directive 89/655 / EEC, later replaced by Directive 2009/104 / EC, regulates in Germany the provision of work equipment by the employer, the use of work equipment by the employees at work and the operation of equipment requiring monitoring in the sense of occupational safety.

Maintenance includes all measures for the preservation, detection, restoration and improvement of machinery and equipment. Most importantly, these measures ensure that the technical systems remain functional and safe, thus preventing possible failures. According to DIN 31051, there are five basic maintenance measures: maintenance, inspection, repair, improvement and weak point analysis.”

Good maintenance increases the quality of production and reduces incidents and production interruptions.

We offer you the support and the quality you deserve

SWS GmbH our services:
  • Mechanic services and repairs for winding machines
  • Production quality check after every repair
  • Fast service intervention within 24 hours
  • Telephone technical support
    • Winding Process quality improvement in three steps:
  • First, failure diagnosis
  • Second, cause identification
  • Third, customized solutions
  • Program development
  • Prototype development
  • Maintenance training and programming training
  • On-site preventive maintenance service – Maintenance contracts
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