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Swiss Winding Service GmbH

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+41 76 499 90 55

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Your opinion is important to us. If you are here, probably you already took a look at our services. Moreover, the purpose of this form is to answer your requests. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill in the form. Please note, there are mandatory fields, marked with an asterisk *. Furthermore, in order to send the request, it is mandatory to fill in these fields. Most important, your personal data are handled confidentially in accordance with statutory media services provisions.

SWS GmbH Contact Us

May we help you? In order to help you, please choose the appropriate contact for your concern. In addition, here you can find a list of contacts to get the right connection:

Services – If you have questions about, pricing, local sales representatives, repairs. Phone number: +4176 499 90 55 e-mail: Lazzarano.a@swindings.ch

Technical Support – Moreover for assistance with setup, programming, troubleshooting, on-site service and training. Phone number: +4176 499 90 55 e-mail: Lazzarano.a@swindings.ch

Financial – For order status, invoice, appointments. Phone number: +41 76 75 71 497 e-mail: Lazzarano.ca@swindings.ch

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