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Coil winding and insertion machine

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R3QL1-120-150C – Coil winding and insertion machine


The main Features and Functions

  • Servo controlled drives for the accuracy and stability of the operation
  • coil insertion station with dual power
  • four-station design with three-head winding and one-head coil inserting
  • All stations are working simultaneously
  • Suitable for 2-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole three-phase motors.
  • Automatically insulation paper inserting
  • The coils are wounded directly on the tooling, this allows the direct inserting of the coils inside the stator without wire damages.
  • Touch screen



This type of motors is used for lifting machinery, fans, industrial machinery, electric drainage,  miniature induction motors, air conditioner, washing machine, compressors, generators, pumps, etc.


Technical parameters 

Product nameAutomatic electric motor stator coil winding and insertion machine
Appropriate Wireφ0.2-φ1.2mm
Stack Height30-80mm
Stator OD≤φ150mm
Stator ID40-80mm
Winding stations3
Coil inserting stations1
Winding inserting modechained / same core
Voltage380V 50/60Hz
 Power 15Kw
Dimension (L)4050×(W)3000×(H)2500mm
Weight ≈4000Kg

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