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Nide Automatic Flyer Winder

 In Nide, SWS

Automatic Flyer winder

NIDE-Europe Team presents the automatic flyer winder, used for the winding of household ceiling fans.

NIDE is a manufacturer of competitive machines for electric motor production, developed in many years of experience. We are focused to provide a one-stop solution for motor manufacturing, for which we have three business divisions:

  • Motor manufacturing machines – core business
    • Winding technology
    • Assembling and handling technology
    • Measuring and testing technology
  • Motor components
    • Ball Bearings
    • Insulating material
    • Magnets
    • Carbon brush
    • Shafts
    • Termal protector
    • Commutators
  • Technical consulting and turn-key service

The automatic ceiling fan winding machine is used for household ceiling fans, commercial -fans and industrial -fan, such as bedroom -fan, indoor -fan, outdoor -fan, living room -fan, kitchen -fan, restaurant -fan, factory -fan, ceiling fan with light, etc.


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